Sunday, August 18

TEXAS: Man who stuffed women's bodies into luggage set to die!


  • Rosendo Rodriguez III is scheduled for lethal injection on Tuesday evening.

Attorneys for a condemned Texas inmate who became known as the “suitcase killer” are looking to the US Supreme Court to halt his execution for the slaying of a 29-year-old Lubbock woman whose battered, naked body was stuffed into a piece of luggage and tossed in the trash nearly 12 years ago.
Rosendo Rodriguez III, scheduled for lethal injection Tuesday evening, also confessed to killing a 16-year-old Lubbock girl and similarly disposing her body in a suitcase.

He’d be the fourth inmate executed this year in Texas, the nation’s busiest death penalty state.

Workers at the Lubbock city landfill in September 2005 discovered the corpse of Summer Baldwin, described in court documents as a prostitute who was 10 weeks pregnant when she was raped and beaten.

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