Friday, August 23

SHARJAH: Teen jumps off balcony in Sharjah as girlfriend's dad walks in!


  • The incident was reported in Maisaloon area on Saturday.

A 19-year-old Iranian jumped from the balcony of his girlfriend’s second-floor flat in Sharjah after her father walked into her room. The teenager has been admitted to the ICU of a Sharjah hospital.
The incident was reported in Maisaloon area on Saturday.

According to preliminary investigation, the teenager’s 15-year-old girlfriend invited him over to her flat as all her family members left for the morning prayer. He was in the room for about two hours, when the girl’s father knocked on the door. He then hid in the balcony as the father went into the room, the police said.

He communicated with his girlfriend via WhatsApp, telling her that if her father continued to stay in the room, he would jump from the balcony. About 30 minutes later, suspecting that the father would go into the balcony, the teenager jumped.

He was rushed to the hospital and his condition is said to be critical.

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