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Meet the 18-year-old Indian who can ‘see’ with his brain!


Jeet Trivedi seems to be an ordinary 18-year-old just like other teens his age except for his unique ability that sets him apart. Jeet from India has left many baffled with his ability to ride a two-wheeler, read a book upside down, play chess and pass thread through a needle, all blindfolded.

Jeet is a practitioner of midbrain activation, a technique which helps people visualise objects without seeing them and is also known as super-sensory development. “This goes back to 2014. I was in class nine. I attended a course in midbrain activation where I learned color sense in two days. I graduated to numbers, alphabets, words and reading the book upside down,” Al Arabiya quoted Jeet as saying.In one video on Al Arabiya, Jeet can be seen riding a two-wheeler blindfolded on a busy road without any assistance. According to the wonder boy’s father, Vipul Trivedi, Jeet has made six world records so far and is slowly gaining popularity. “It needs lot of practice. His recent world record is something that I cannot stop thinking about. He rode a two-wheeler blindfolded on a busy road. It is unbelievable. I believe no one will be able to break this record anytime soon,” the proud father said.

While, when Jeet’s superhuman ability is rare and difficult for everyone to master, his coach and Jeet both believe that it is not doing something extraordinary. According to the two, with constant practice and perseverance anyone can master it.

While Jeet, who is thankful to his family for their support, said, “My family has been extremely supportive. They allow me to pursue my hobbies and extra-curricular activities.”

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