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CPS-Live Ltd with Fumba Town Development in Zanzibar!


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Image result for images of fumba town development
Image result for images of fumba town development
Image result for images of fumba town development

We ​​​​​​quickly summarise the most important points of our project:

  • Fumba Town is a modern, state of the art residential development on a sustainable infrastructure, with commercial, educational and recreational areas. 
  • Zanzibar is part of Tanzania, which is politically very stable since independency and has strong GDP growth rates of 7-8%
  • It is located on a 1,5 km breathtaking seashore on the west of the island only 10-15 minutes south of the airport
  • Fumba Town is on a special economic zone where as foreigner you are eligible to purchase a property and gain a 99 years lease title deed on your name
  • All unit types promise high returns of 40% and more already with current rental prices in Zanzibar
  • Very high appreciation expected
  • Extremely affordable prices:
  > Studio 17,900 USD
  > 1 up to 2 bedroom apartments starting from 
      29,900 USD
  > 2 to 6 bedroom townhouses starting from 54,900 
  > Seafront luxury apartments and townhouses 
      starting from 159,900 USD
Currently we are building Phase 1 and plan to hand it over mid 2018.
Ask us for our master plan in order for you to have an orientation of how the town is laid down. 
As for the payment plan, reservation fee is the first payment and it depends on the house type. This reservation fee is deduct-able in the last instalment. After reserving you will receive a draft of our contract which after you approve, the first instalment will be due. We will then go ahead and create a Sales and Purchase Agreement for you and a provisional title deed will be issued from ZIPA (Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority). The provisional title deed will be retained during construction time and after hand over you will receive an original personal 99 year title deed regardless of your nationality. An additional fee of 5% of the house value is paid as a facilitation fee. First instalment has to be paid at latest one month after reservation. Second, third and fourth instalment payments are directly linked to construction progress. The time span in between one instalment to another will vary from three to six months depending on the speed of construction. 
After hand over there will be a service fee charge of 1 US dollar per square meter per month. The total charge will depend on the size of your house. This fee is paid annually. Each fact sheet attached includes the amount of service fee charged for that particular unit.
The services include the following:-
– Cleaning of all water that comes into your house. it will be drinkable from every tap.
– Garbage collection
– All houses will have access to internet
– Cleaning of all public areas
– Back up generator
– Maintenance of street lights
– Security for the whole town
– Land rent which is payable to the government every year.
Kindly advise us which unit would be most suitable for you among the unit types we offer. Ask us for the fact sheets. These fact sheets include prices and payment plans.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We are looking forward to hearing from you, soon.

Best regards

Naila Jamal
Sales and Letting Services
+255 779 509 757
Nyerere Road/ Airport Road
Mazizini – Zanzibar,Tanzania
P.O. Box 3564

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