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Pekua Ndani: Job Opportunity at China Commercial Bank, Operations Manager


Other Dar es Salaam District Dar Es Salaam
Industry: Banking & Finance
Minimum Qualification: Bachelor
Minimum Experience: 3 years


To manage and oversee Branch’s transactional operations, customer service and operational risks. To provide leadership to the subordinates in executing their duties.


1. To oversee all operational transactions in the Branch by ensuring that all transactions are performed properly i.e. verified, authenticated and posted properly.

2. To work closely with Chief Cashier in the overall management of cash in the Branch by ensuring daily balancing of cash, proper custody of cash and balancing of cashiers’ transactions.

3. To manage all customer service issues in cooperation with the Customer Service Team and ensure customer satisfaction.

4. To scrutinize and authorize various transactions in the Branch as per assigned limits.

5. To handle strong-room keys as the joint custodian with the Chief Cashier in compliance to the dual control requirement.

6. To supervise all staff and manage the general upkeep of the Branch in-terms of cleanliness, arrangements and ensure availability of necessary items in the Branch.

7. To ensure Branch security is maintained at a required level by ensuring availability of security guards in and around the Branch in time as well as ensuring proper functionality of all Branch security devices.

8. To ensure that all accounts are opened with strict compliance to KYC requirements and conduct customer due diligence on all new and operating accounts.

9. To ensure effective collection of income/revenues so grow Branch’s profitability.

10. To handle compliance to both the Internal and Statutory/regulatory requirements and oversee the overall operational risk management in the Branch.

11. To organize/conduct training to staff on various operational and customer service issues so as to strengthen subordinate’s knowledge on various areas of works such as Customer service, Money Laundering, counter financing of terrorism and operational procedures and processes.

12. To closely and strictly manage Branch cash levels and ensure that the Branch does not face cash deficit or maintain excess cash.

13. To oversee the management of cash movement between the Bank and Bank of Tanzania in a safe and secured manner and ensure timely repatriation of excess cash to the central Bank hence avoiding retention of idle funds in the Bank.

14. To supervise cashiers in daily transaction and ensure that all of them are handling their transactions properly, balance and record their cash as required.

15. To prepare interim and monthly Branch Operations reports and submit to Branch Manager for review and deliberations.

16. To ensure effective management of Branch processes and maintain effective communication between the Branch and other business unit and streamline inter-departmental operations such as delivery and receipt of fund transfer instructions etc.

17. To be the custodian of Branch cash and hold keys of the strong-room and safes and ensure safe custody of Branch/Bank cash as per laid down rules, procedures, guidelines and policies.

18. To assist the Branch Manager in overall management of Branch operations and customer service issues.

19. Preparing various reports such as Daily Cash Summary report, Daily Operational Statistical Reports and Anti Money Laundering Report whenever there is suspicious transaction.

20. To ensure that Branch cash are properly handled and bundled with labels using the cash stripling machine.

21. To ensure daily balancing and recording of cash balances and checking cashier’s work to ensure that all transactions are done properly.

22. Supervising the batching of daily transactions and check vouchers against transaction summary report.

23. To relieve the Branch Manager with prior approval by higher authority,

24. To supervise proper and timely filing of records and careful handling of Bank properties.

25. To supervise and oversee the reconciliation of selected General ledger accounts and ensure proper balancing of Branch books.

26. To do any other duties as assigned by higher authority/superior from time to time.


1. A University degree or equivalent in Finance and Accounts, Marketing, Business Administration, Banking or any related field

2. Good understanding of Bank and of Banking products and services

3. 3-5 years of experience in banking

4. Proven successful track record of accuracy, efficiency and commitment, with the drive and determination to meet and exceed targets

5. Team player


1. People management skills

2. Good communication skills in both English and Swahili.

3. Excellent customer service skills with an honest and trustworthy manner

4. Good sales and negotiation skills

5. Analytical skills, computer literacy, accuracy and attention to detail

6. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, being both a good listener and able to explain complex issues in clear and simple terms

The operations manager will manage and oversee Branch’s transactional operations, customer service and operational risks.


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