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 The Zanzibar International Film festival (ZIFF) has hit a new landmark for African film festivals as it becomes the first festival on the continent to have their film submissions totally online, and for a very low fee. With the growth of the Internet many film festivals have utilised the new found capacity to receive films online and reduce the time it took to select films. Festival programmers will now begin to watch films before the end of the submission period and give themselves ample time to watch films carefully and diligently.  “The Festival is no longer accepting film submissions in hard copy for filmmakers outside Tanzania. Tanzanian filmmakers and producers will have one year of grace to submit their films both electronically and in hard copy and they won’t be charged a fee”, said Daniel Nyalusi ZIFF Festival Manager.
“ZIFF has signed with Festhome, an international platform through which filmmakers from all over the world submit films to film festivals”, explained Nyalusi, “For less than the cost of a typical festival submission, we guarantee that your film will be viewed and in good time”. Now people can send a Password protected Vimeo file of any format and submit it online. The ZIFF festival provides an invaluable platform for filmmakers to showcase their craft to an international viewing audience. ZIFF2015, still sponsored by ZUKU, will take place between 18thand 26th July 2015. Deadline for Submission is 31stJanuary, 2015, this includes Bongo Movies.

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