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 Seif Kabelele: Why do you think you won out of all the other contestants?

Idriss Sultan: I believe I was just human and being myself, so people saw that and they could relate. I wasn’t acting or fake so I guess they saw it and then decided to vote for me.
Seif Kabelele: Did you have a strategy?
Idriss Sultan: No, I went in to have fun and to be my true self. The only thing I did – I don’t know if you’d call it a strategy – I resorted to playing mind games. I enjoyed playing mind games.
Seif Kabelele: Who did you think your biggest competitor was?
Idriss Sultan : Everybody, everybody was strong
Seif Kabelele: Who did you think was going to win – you must have thought about it?

Idriss Sultan: For me, I said it could be anybody – you know what, I thought: “So long as I’m at the Finale,” – that was my target

 Seif Kabelele: Did you at any point believe you would win?
Idriss Sultan: I was motivated to win yes, but I didn’t downright think I would win. I thought I would definately make the top 5 though so I pushed for that. I am glad I won. And its thanks not only to my home country Tanzania but Africa.
Seif Kabelele: Looking from the outside you guys have a great time in that house. What was the most challenging thing being in the house?
Idriss Sultan: It was being in the same space all the time with the same people. Outside the house when we are living we can sometimes take a break from seeing people but for me being in the house and consistentky being with the same people was an adjustment.
Seif Kabelele: What are you gonna do with the cash?
Idriss Sultan: I don’t know yet. My head’s still up in the clouds, I haven’t thought about exactly what I’m going to do – when I get home I’m going to talk to my family, pray and everything… come back down to earth.
 Seif Kabelele: I always wonder with reality shows – when you get handed that giant-size cheque for show, you obviously can’t really deposit it but are you gonna actually see it going into your bank account? Will you be sitting at your computer logged into your internet banking to watch the cash go in – like they do in the movies?
Idriss Sultan: *laughs* Probably, probably and be saying “Okay – balance, okay – balance.” It hasn’t only been about the money for me, it’s been about proving a point.
Seif Kabelele: What was the biggest stress of the time?
Idriss Sultan : I guess towards the end of the game, just saying: “Could this be over?” because most of the people have left, and you really feel like you’re in competition.
Seif Kabelele: What’s going to be the best thing about having so much money?
Idriss Sultan : I’m going to be secure now, I won’t have to think about surviving – I’ve been given a great opportunity, a great gift and I’m not going to waste it. I can have a home, I can be comfortable, I don’t have to worry, grovel or whatever.

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