Monday, August 19

FREE TRAINING AND FREE CERTIFICATE IN DIGITAL SKILLS; Online course provided by google to all African Youths


Hi, i hope your doing well my name is Rajabu Rashidi Mpella from the UNIVERSITY OF DODOMA I have decided to share with you something very important.

Google has decided to provide free digital skills for Africa this program has been initiated few years ago, in this short training that can take you three or four days or even two days depending on your time to accomplish modules, you will learn digital skills and in other words he course is about Online marketing fundamentals. here you will learn on how we can use internet to get exposure of our businesses and hence to attract many customers and buyers.

Myself i learned in three days and i accomplished 27 modules and i was awarded with a certicate for free, the certificate will be a pdf document and your task is download it and print it.

look into the following image that shows my dashboard after accomplishing all modules

It is true look the following image of my google digital skills certificate

I hope you got me well now you have to start on your own, the important thing is an email that will be used to log in and thereafter you will continue if you get tired you quit later on you will open your browser and you will continue where yo ended at the previous time


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