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Zuma should apply for Bongolalalandian citizenship


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March 2018 goes down as a very thorny month for corrupt presidents. For, it is in this month one sitting president Ameenah Gurib-Fakim of Mauritius and two former presidents Jacob Zuma (South Africa) and Nicholas Sarkozy (France) were brought to justice because of corruption. No doubt at all. Others may survive the charges. However, of all, Zuma’s in hot soup. South African authorities decided to say enow’s enow to impunity and holier than thou. A few months after being recalled, Zuma is now facing criminal charges resulting from his long political gerrymandering and manipulations of the system. The man of dance and ‘ awulethumshini wami’  or bring my gun is now facing legal battles alleging that he was not only corrupt but also chowed some moola from dirty and toxic deals not to mention abusing the high office of the land. His story has been editorialised almost by every media globally. It is therefore no longer a secret that Zuma’s infallibility will soon come to an end.
South African National Director of Public Prosecutions, Shaun Abrahams, was quoted as saying: “I am of the view that a trial court would be the most appropriate forum for these matters to be ventilated.” Despite this being long overdue, congrats President Matamela Ramaphosa on doing what many African potentates fear the most. Africa’s what it is because of being manned by criminals and their accomplices.  They scratch each other’s backs for fear of their successors due to the fact that they all do the same thing, plundering their lands. Again, things seem different and chances for Zuma’s case to pan out are high. Abrahams is optimistic that Zuma may end up behind bars. He added that there are “reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution of Mr Zuma.” I salute Ramaphosa and South Africa in general for refusing to condone criminality. If he wanted he’d keep mum and syphon peacefully. In Bongolalaland it is totally different. Here the rule is: What’s good for the goose is good for the gender.
Many are overwhelmed and a few of his sympathisers are of course underwhelmed to see their hero face the music. When Zuma was recalled, he thought he’d goof off for a while. Before even cooling off down from the loss or cool down from the anger of being denied his yum-yum, now Zuma is in trouble once again. It is so lewd and tawdry that Zuma was allowed to defecate the high of in the land not to mention vending it to whoever came betting.
Zuma’s fate is nothing but a lesson for the many untouchable African rulers, mainly the politicos and potentates that cling to power for the fear of their past. Now, South Africa can say ‘gotcha’ and betcha; you’re in for it. Shall this experiment succeed; it is likely to put South Africa in a tiptop condition vis-à-visgood governance and the rule of law. South African takes is new to Africa where the high and mighty are always above the law; and whatever they do is illegal even if it is illegal. Their family members and friends, too, become saints so as to also be above the law. Now Zuma is facing the moment of truth. Will his beloved son, Duduzile survive like Riz survived in Danganyika or face the same music like his dad? Will the first ladies survive the dangers their beloved hubby is facing or go scot-free like those of ours; whose NGOs are now becoming bankrupt and defunct? Are they going to be appointed Members of the House?
Looking at the very peaceful land of Danganyika aka Bongolalaland, and the way it let its former biggies to go scot-free after leaving office, I welcome Zuma and his Zupta, Duduriz and others to apply for Danganyikan citizenship so that they can enjoy what other Zuma-like criminals enjoy. In this Bongolalaland land, you can abuse, corrupt, mess, misuse and plunder and easily get away with murder. Remember Dowans, EPA and Richmond? Where are their architects? Remember the NBC scam and many more? Where are the top dogs who enunciated and benefited from them? When some fyatus wanted these big criminal crucified, the king admonished them to leave them alone so that they can enjoy the spoils peacefully. This is Bongolalaland I am talking of. The Terra Nulliusfor criminals of all sorts.

In sum, if Zuma, his family member or advisor or friend comes across this piece, should tell him to hurry up; and apply for Danganyikan citizenship. Doing so will enable him all rights of being defended by our republic. So, too, being a former biggie, he’ll surely receive preferential treatment to enable him to get away with it simply because of his station in the corrupt society like ours. He’d consult our former corrupt biggies and learn how they got away with murder. Zuma’s plight hangs in balance waiting what’ll come out of his charges. What’ll happen to his beau, Duduzile and his co-offenders the Gupta family aka Zupta?
Source; Citizen, March 27, 2018.

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