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Kenyans must seize Kenyatta-Odinga moment


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When the Post-Electoral Conflict reappeared in Kenya, there were so many appeals for the main protagonists to talk in order to reconcile Kenya. However, these calls were not heeded in the beginning. It reached the point at which the acrimony was termed as the ‘dialogue of the deaf.’ Thank Lord; recent awake from the slumber that ushered in the gesture of reconciliation between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his arch nemeses Odinga occurred. Once again, doomsayers won’t stop letting their tongues wag. This development is remarkably recommendable and welcome. This is because, at least, the duo has realised that Kenya is greater and more important than individuals, their ambitions, outfits and their cohorts. By coming forth to be counted, the duo has committed themselves to the noblest cause they cannot manipulate or ditch.
By coming forth to be counted, the duo didn’t only invite more scrutiny on their seriousness but also has set a new stage for the nation to move forward after being held to ransom for a long time.  Despite this bold move-cum-stance, detractors are out there daggers drawn to sabotage it for their personal and infinitesimal interests. Swahili sage has it that one that hides private parts won’t get a child. Kenyatta and Odinga aren’t neophytes in the politics of Kenya. So, too, they are not chicken hearted that can recoil or chicken out of the move they’ve willingly started towards healing Kenya. For, whoever does so will face more of the wrath of the people than the one electoral difference and injustices have caused to Kenya and its people. Therefore, knowing what they initiated, the duo will strongly pooh pooh whatever forces that seek to dissuade or try to force them from soldiering on.
Since the news broke that the two nemeses have decided to bury the hatchet, forces opposed to their bold stance have already surfaced from both sides of the divide. For example, the National Super Alliance co-principals have already registered their dissatisfaction which is their right. As well, some of their fanatics such as Miguna Miguna surfaced. Miguna, for one, attacked Kenyatta and Odinga after binding them together. He was quoted as saying that he will “continue the struggle for electoral justice and the culture of impunity that both Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta now represent.”  This is but too late, too little. Ironically, when Miguna abandoned Odinga in the hour of need, he was not referred to as a traitor! Swahili sage has it that the simian doesn’t see its butts. If any move to heal Kenya is a betrayal, it is a good one compared to the politics of violence many bankrupt and skinny politicians cash in to survive. If Miguna and the like think that Kenyatta and Odinga have betrayed the Kenyans, they should wait for 2022 when they will state their case before the Kenyan voters. Some of the prophets of doom are terming Kenyatta-Odinga awakening ‘a Kikuyu-Luo merger’. I wonder; why did the same make do with Kikuyu-Kalenjin merger. Methinks; it is time for Kenya to bury and forgo toxic ethnic politics. This is because; for over five decades it has not worked for the majority Kenyans. Therefore, national politics needs to kick in to see to it that Kenya is taken to the bright future revolving around national strength instead of ethnic madness.
The politics of tummy aside, what Kenyatta and Odinga did, shall they stand their ground, is nothing but the rebirth of the nation that has suffered from toxic ethnic politics since independence. Kenyans must ignore quacks, self-seekers and provocateurs so that they can reclaim their countries. So, too, Kenyans must tell them to their face–and shall they cling on their backward-looking strategies–that they are tired of divisive, ethnic and toxic politics. Importantly, Kenyans must see to it that the duo does not recoil or go off-course or recant their commitment.
I know–thanks to the politics of ‘it is our time to eat’–both camps have detractors that are likely to lose or miss out in the action come 2022. These will never tire in contemning the stance Kenyatta and Odinga have taken. Again, the sage has it that the man is the one who stands alone. Therefore, Kenyatta and Odinga must not listen to opportunists in their camps. Instead, they must listen to the majority Kenyans who, in the main, are the major sufferers of bankrupt and divisive politics.

In sum, Kenyans–that have suffered from the impasse the rife between Kenyatta and Odinga caused–have all reasons to seize the Kenyatta–Odinga cooperation in the building of their country. 
Source: Citizen, March 21, 2018.

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