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How To Raise A Child With Zero Meltdowns And Less Disciplining


Kids are adorable, and parenting is a beautiful experience. But let’s face it, kids can become a nightmare to parents. I am talking about meltdowns and fiery tantrums.

When I became a parent, I was determined to be the greatest Dad ever lived. With that intention, I may have set a world record for reading everything about parenting. I read books and attended a couple of seminars on parenting. I asked friends about the “secret” of parenting etc. Grabbing knowledge of parenting became “the thing”.

Sooner than later, however, I concluded that parenting is some serious business or undertaking. Serious than I thought. There’s hardly a real and guaranteed formula. My older boy’s tantrums were from another world. Outbursts.There was no day that I didn’t question my acquired parenting skills.

What helped me was the realization that every child is unique. You have to learn and adapt as you go.Like many other aspects of life, parenting is also a give and take scenario. Believe it or not, you have to adjust to the balanced equilibrium. You also have to believe in time. This shall pass. And it does.

The most important thing I have learned as I continue on the journey of parenting is that you must enjoy the process. Nothing stays the same. Kids grow fast. You have to learn to keep your chin up no matter how hard it gets.

But since our world today is connected than ever before, is there any suggested formula or principles in raising the kids? You bet.¬† While these suggestions are not any guarantee, I have found some of them to be very useful. Experience is the best teacher. The bottom line, you must first identify your child’s personality. So here we go; Happy Parenting

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