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How To Influence And Persuade According To Proven Science


Apart from every human need to be loved, I believe the second most crucial aspect of life is to have people say more Yes to you than No. While not every Yes has good intentions for you, hearing a solid No can be devastating. That, of course, is if you take no for an answer.

In my early years on earth, I was terrified of the idea of being rejected. How could they? Why? It took over two decades for me to settle with the fact that everyone can never like you. Don’t even try too hard to satisfy everyone. It can’t happen. That is just not how the world works.

The fear of rejection had consequences on how I approached dating. I would never ask a girl out. Instead, I developed a plan of not saying anything that would put me in a vulnerable situation of hearing a word No. Instead, I would wait till both of us had a clear understanding about the attraction towards each other before I make any suggestion.

I lived with a strict rule of never to speak too soon. I was never an eager beaver. I bet I missed a lot of potential great dates due to this approach. But it served me well. I ate no crow.

With the world engulfed with social media flame and smoke, the need to influence and persuade others has never been higher. When you air your opinion, you want the audience to agree with you. You want to influence and persuade. No wonder the book; Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by renowned Psychologist Robert B.Cialdini, Ph.D. is now popular than ever. It is the source of the infographic you are about to see.

As a result, this is what causes people in social media channels to lie a lot. Everyone wants to have a special status. No one wants to be standing in a ceremony. It’s crazy what people will do to get that recognition or status. There are unimaginable efforts to change opinion into facts.

So what does science say on this subject of influencing and persuading? Is there such a thing as more Yes than No? Here is how;

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