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New Jobs at Ministry of Health Tanzania, March 2018



Job Tittle: National Laboratory Director (1 Position) 

Location: Dar es Salaam/DodomaReporting To: Head of Diagnostic ServicesPosition Purpose:The National Laboratory Director is the head of the NHL-QATC and expected provide strategic
leadership and oversight to the implementation and management of the core functions at
NHL_QATC to ensure adherence to the National policies and the National Health Laboratory
Strategic Plan (NHLSP). Working closely with MOHCDGEC, CDC and other Lab Partners she/he
will link and coordinate all the Lab Support Program related to NH-QATC, ensure timely and costeffective of activity implementation, reporting of activities, and responsible for all the Program
related NHL-QATC deliverables. The Lab Director shall ensure collaboration with regional and
international partner in support of organizational core functions.Duties and Responsibilities:Leadership and Management.• Assist and advice the Head of Diagnostic Services on technical matters pertaining to the
NHL-QATC and the national laboratory network services.• Develop and oversee the implementation of a strategic plan for the NHL-QATC.• Direct the planning, implementation and management of the NHL-QATC and ensure its
administrative and financial integrity and ability to achieve its goals and objectives.• Oversee the development of NHL-QATC annual plans including budgets and other
resources required for implementation.• Oversee staff performance planning and supervise the Laboratory Manager, Training
Officer, Public Health Officer, Biomedical Engineer and Quality Officer.• Coordinate and collaborate with partner on their National laboratory support for diagnostic,
equipment and training.• Work with and Provide technical assistance to clinical and preventive services and
National program in the MOHCDGEC.• Oversee and manage positive relations with and service to clients both public and in
private sector.• Ensure liaison with MSD and healthcare technical services to ensure constant availability
of reagents, supplies and functional equipment for the NHL-QATC and other public sector
laboratories.• Develop and maintain excellent relationship with the Department of Curative Services
(DCS), Department of Preventive Services (DPS), Department of Quality Assurance
Services (DQAS), and National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), Centre for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) and all Lab Partners and stakeholders.• Provide update on the progress made, direction, approaches and success of NHL-QATC
to MOHCDGEC and other counterparts
Quality Assurance.• Oversee the preparation, distribution, analysis and dissemination of Laboratory
proficiency test in collaboration with Diagnostic Services Section of the MOHCDGEC.• Ensure validation and calibration of equipment and oversee the evaluation of equipment,
reagents and test methodologies.• Oversee the development and implementation of high standard of laboratory quality
system for accreditation of laboratories in the country.• Oversee the development and standardization of laboratory testing procedure according
to national and international standards (ISO-15189).• Oversee the performance of specialized or referral laboratory test from within and outside
the country.• Provide technical leadership to activities improving implementation of Quality
Management system national wide.• Collaborate with Lab Technical Working Group and National Laboratory Training team to
oversee NHL-QATC activities, ensure timely implementation, and timely and accurate
reporting to MOHCDGEC.

Training.• Provide leadership in the development of national and regional training programs and
ensure training of laboratory staff in collaboration with Training Officer.• Mentor, Support and manage team of highly qualified staff and align their effort in concert
with the National Health Laboratory Strategic plan goals.• Link and coordinate through NHL-QATC all national and regional training programs for
both in services and pre-service laboratory peroneal to supported by Development Partner
such as WB, CDC,WHO and other Lab Partner through Laboratory Support Program.
Public Health.• Play a leading role in integrating public health laboratory at national, zonal, regional,
district and health Centre levels.• Participate in development and implementation in research protocol according to Tanzania
health priorities.• Oversee laboratory integrate disease surveillance and response support to outbreakExperience and Qualifications:• Medical degree, with advance training, MMED or PHD in Microbiology or Infectious
diseases• With at least five year experience in related field• Significant experience of working and collaborating with all levels of Tanzanian
Government within the health sector.• Experience of working in collaboration with local and international partners.• Fluent in both English oral and written, as well as good communication skills.Terms of Employment: 1 year Contract (Renewable based on Performance)

Job Tittle: Program Implementation Coordinator (1 Position)Location: Dar es Salaam/DodomaReporting To: Principal Investigator (PI)Position Purpose:The Program Implementation Coordinator is expected to provide vision, direction, leadership, and
management to ensure the strategic, programmatic, technical and financial integrity of the
program. The PM will guide overall program administration, technical implementation, and fiscal
management and will be the primary point of contact (along with the Business Official) with the
funder in-country, MOH counterparts, local government counterparts, and implementing partner
institutions.Duties and Responsibilities:• Lead, manage and coordinate the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of project
activities with all PMs and staff (Diagnostic, NACP, NTLP, NBTS, QI)- as per approved
work plan and budget and ensure the Ministry attains and exceeds assigned targets• Supervise, provide technical support on project implementation and perform periodic and
perform performance evaluation to other project staff under him/her• Develop an annual costed budget and work plans in line with agreed project plan,
objectives, outcome and deliverables• Oversee and ensure efficient management of project expenditure and other resources as
approved work plan and budget• Prepare routine CDC technical and financial progress reports and other ad hoc project
reports, share them for review with Technical Advisor and PI before sharing with CDC as
per agreed timelines• Prepare and write grants and proposals for fund request to PEPFAR• Ensure adequate data collection and timely, complete and clean reporting to the central
level from health facilities, to District to Regional to Central level MOHCDGEC and to the
funder• Oversee the M&E and QI teams• Oversee the training/orientation of staff to USG Government and Tanzania Government`s
rules and regulations for implementation of activities and reporting• Organize periodic project review meetings as approved work plan and ensure active
engagement of relevant key focal points• Perform any other relevant duties as assigned by his/her supervisorExperience and Qualifications:• Medical degree, with a Master’s degree in Health Related Fields. A Master’s degree in
Public Health or Epidemiology will be preferable.• Extensive field experience including working within the Tanzania Government’s health
system.• A proven record of excellent management, leadership, decision-making, and interpersonal
skills.• At least 5 years of senior-level experience in designing, implementing, and managing HIVrelated projects.• Significant experience of working and collaborating with all levels of Tanzanian
Government within the health sector.• Experience of working in collaboration with local and international partners.• Demonstrated experience of managing CDC or other donor-financed projects.• Fluent in English both oral and written, as well as good communication skills.Terms of Employment: 1 year Contract (Renewable based on Performance)
Job Tittle: Health Laboratory Scientist (1 Position)Location: Dar es Salaam/DodomaReporting To: Director of Health Quality Assurance (DHQA)Position Purpose:The Health Laboratory Scientist is expected to assist the HQAD in the coordination of POCT –
Site Certification activities. She/he will also coordinate the activities of all POCT – Site Certification
Stakeholders as well as providing a linkage to the Health Laboratory Practitioners’ Council (HLPC)
activities related to Certification of Non Lab Testers. Also, she/he will work closely (in a team
spirit) with other staff in the Health Services Inspectorate and Quality Assurance Section, which
is under the HQAD in execution and coordination of the POCT Non Lab Testers and Site
certification activities.Duties and Responsibilities:• Coordinate assessment of POCT – Site Certification.• Keep all data related to Site Auditors, Site Assessments, and Assessment Reports.• Liaise with the HLPC on various issues concerning Non-Laboratory Testers Certification.• Collaborate with all NGOs performing POCT – Site Certification.• Act as a link between the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly
and Children (MoHCDGEC) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Country Office.• Collaborate with all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) owning Health
Facilities; the Association of Private Health facilities in Tanzania (APHFTA); and the
Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC).• Perform other related duties as assigned by the Director of Health Quality Assurance or
Assistant Director of Health Services Inspectorate and Quality Assurance.

Experience and Qualifications:• Bachelor Degree in Health Laboratory Sciences.• At least two years working experience with NGOs in HIV and AIDS services or
Government Institutions (e.g., Health Facilities; Research Institutions; Academic
Institutions; MDAs, etc.) or Private Sector.• Basic Computer Skills• Fluent in English both oral and written, as well as good communication skills.Terms of Employment: 1 year Contract (Renewable based on Performance)

Job Tittle: Data Manager (1 Position)Location: MOHCDGEC – Head OfficeReporting To: Program Manager – NACPPosition Purpose:Data Manager will be responsible in managing data for Monitoring and Evaluation of Care and
Treatment Programmes including development, maintenance and updating of database.Duties and Responsibilities• Develop and regularly update data management plan for NACP care and treatment
programmes• Facilitate collection of quality data from various sources through appropriate training of
responsible personnel• Carry out supportive supervision to the sites using appropriate tools• Use filled data collection forms received from the sites and supervision reports to identify
training needs and organise focused training for the field data handling personnel• Supervise data entry activities
• Monitor quality and quantities of data entered during a specified period and advise NACP
on data entry needs.• Coordinate a process of development, maintenance and updating of appropriate
programme monitoring software/database• Collaborate with technical partners to link various M&E software and database.• Facilitate data use at care and treatment facilities through training of personnel on data
collection and simple data analysis.• Carry out regular data analysis to produce statistical summaries that will update NACP on
the progress in the implementation.• Provide regular feedback to care and treatment personnel at the implementing facilities
as well as district and regional authorities• Perform other duties as assigned by the Programme Manage of the National AIDS Control

Experience and Qualifications:• Degree in statistics and epidemiology. Degree/diploma in Information Technology will be
an added advantage.• Qualification in public health and Information Technology will be an asset.• At least 2 years’ experience in management of information systems or monitoring and
evaluation activities.• Excellent oral and written skills in English and Kiswahili.Terms of Employment: 1 year Contract (Renewable based on Performance)

Job Tittle: Laboratory Program Officer (1 Position)Location: Dar es Salaam/DodomaReporting To: Head – Pharmaceuticals and Laboratory Services Unit – NACPPosition Purpose:The laboratory Program Officer leads the laboratory component of the Pharmaceuticals and
Laboratory Services Unit of the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP). He /she oversees
planning and implementation of laboratory diagnostics for high quality HIV/AIDS services of
NACP.Duties and Responsibilities• Coordinate the development of laboratory training materials including standard operating
procedures (SOP) for HIV/AIDS treatment and care tests.• Oversee the training of trainers to for new approved HIV/AIDS related laboratory
diagnostics and coordinate their scale towards improving HIV/AIDS treatment and care
outcomes.• Build teams of laboratory experts to enhance uptake of emerging HIV/AIDS technologies
in the country.• Coordinate adaption and implementation of laboratory information systems and data
management initiatives that inform and enhance HIV/AIDS services in the country.• Select, quantify, support procurement and distribution of laboratory equipment, reagents
and supplies as needed to ensure uninterrupted patient centered HIV/AIDS services
according to the national HIV/AIDS treatment and care package in collaboration with
Diagnostic Section and PSU of MOHCDGEC and stakeholders.• Support implementation of laboratory quality management systems to enhance highest
quality possible laboratory services support to HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment
services in the country.• Support quality improvement efforts including supportive supervision and mentorship to
health facilities staff providing HIV related services.• Compile, interpret laboratory data and reports and share accordingly with relevant levels
and stakeholders as required.• Promote operational research on various on various HIV/AIDS services delivery.
• Perform other technical duties as assigned by his/her supervisors

Experience and Qualifications:• Degree in medical laboratory sciences from a recognized university, Post graduate degree
is an added advantage.• Experience of working with the Ministry of Health, International health organization or
NGO.• Minimum of 5 years of working in a regional, zonal or national laboratory.• Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to interact with multidisciplinary
staff, experts and clients.• Excellent written and oral communication in English and Kiswahili.• Excellent computer skills in data management and Microsoft office.• Registered with the Health Laboratory Practitioners Board.Terms of Employment: 1 year Contract (Renewable based on Performance)

Job Tittle: Program Officer-TB/HIV (1 Position)Location: Dar es Salaam/DodomaReporting To: Head – Care, Treatment and Support Unit – NACP
Position Purpose:The Program Officer-TB/HIV is responsible for Development and review of TB/HIV policy and
guidelines, development and review of TB/HIV training packages, development of proposal and
operational plans for TB/HIV collaboration activities, monitoring of TB/HIV collaborative activities,
evaluation and other administrative duties fall under the unit.Duties and Responsibilities• In collaboration with NTLP, regional, district and partners develops and reviews TB/HIV
policy and guidelines for the management of patients with TB HIV co-infection, including
ICF and IPT; Conduct follow-up visits to ensure adherence to the policy and guidelines;
attend meetings to discuss the same; and advise the NACP.• Participate in the development and review of TB/HIV training packages; organize training
of health care workers on TB/HIV collaborative activities; Ensure regional, district and
partners are adhering to national training curriculum; Participate in the
quantification/forecasting of drugs for management of TB/HIV collaborative activities.• Develop short and long-term government and donor-funded operational plans on TB/HIV
collaborative activities; Implement approved operational plans on the TB/HIV collaborative
activities.• Develop a feedback mechanism to ensure that approved reports of TB/HIV activities are
disseminated to lower levels of the health system and partners; Liaise with the Epidemiology
unit of the NACP to ensure that reports are produced on a timely basis; Visit health facilities
regularly as part of supportive supervision and mentoring to ensure that the TB/HIV activities
are conducted accordingly; Coordinate supportive supervision and mentoring on TB/HIV
collaborative activities.• Develop an assessment tool to assist in evaluating performance of the TB/HIV
collaborative activities in the region and districts; Evaluate the performance of the system
from time to time to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness; Develop measures for
improvement of the system in provision of TB/HIV services in the health facilities.• Collect and maintain important data and records related to TB/HIV services in the health;
Prepare detailed progress reports on TB/HIV collaborative activities and submit them to
the Head of the CTU and the Programme Manager.
Experience and Qualifications:• Medical Doctor with 3 – 5 years’ experience in HIV care and treatment including TB/HIV,
preferably with an MPH or equivalent• Excellent interpersonal, diplomacy and facilitation skills• Sensitivity to cultural differences & understanding of the political & ethical issues
surrounding HIV &TB• Computer skills including, Microsoft Word and Excel• Fluent in written and spoken English and Kiswahili• Registered with the Tanganyika Medical Council.Terms of Employment: 1 year Contract (Renewable based on Performance)
Details on How to Apply: If you believe you are the ideal person we are looking for, please send
your cover letter describing why you are the right candidate for the position, a curriculum
vitae/resume detailing your experience, relevant copy of certificates and three (3) professional
referees from previous and current place of employment. Only shortlisted candidates will be
contacted and all interview costs will be borne by the applicants. Successfully candidates should
be ready to relocate to Dodoma. To find out more about these positions kindly visitwww.moh.go.tzNote: All applications should be sent to Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Community
Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (Health) via email; on
or before 05th April, 2018. 
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