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Q&A With Model and Miss World Tanzania ‘17 Julitha Kabete on being a #NovaBabe


Model Julitha Kabete ambaye anafanya kazi na Modelling Ageny ya 20 model management ya huko South Africa pia ndiye aliyetuwakilisha kwenye mashindano ya Miss World mwaka 2017,pia kwenya Miss Africa Tanzania ‘16 yaliyofanyika kule Nigeria.

Tumekua tunaona akiwa ana post picha zake instagram akiweka # ya #novababe ambayo inatumiwa na influencers ambao wanafanya kazi na kampuni ya mavazi ya Fashionnova,na miongoni mwa influencers hao ni ma celebrities kama Blacchyna ,Cardi B,Amber Rose

Hii Fashion Nova mwaka 2017 ilikua namba tatu kwenye list ya most googles brands yani imegaragaza hadi brands kubwa kubwa .

Tukafanya an interview na Julitha about her Fashionova deal.

QN 1:: Nilimuuliza kama yeye ni Ambasadr wa fashionnova baada ya kuona post zake instagram

Julitha::I’m one of their ambassadors they have alot of novababes from around the world .

QN2 .Nilimuuliza how she got the deal kua novababe

Julitha:: I have been buying stuff from there for a while ,And now I just commented I love something it was an outfit from their page,And then I received email and became novababe

qn3: Nilimuuliza pia kama anafanya kazi na management ya Modelling ya 20 Something

Julitha :: Iam a 20 model management yes for a year now ,so every job of advert or clieth i get booked via my Agency.

Nikampa hongera ya kua a novababe which responded with a THANK YOU

Akaniambia kwamba “But i have more brands I’m working with coming soon  as their ambassador and influencer  which compensate as modelling jobs i get at times .

QN4 : Nilimuuliza kama anawasaidiaje wa Tz ambao wengi hawajui namna ya ku shop online sababu ni influencer wa kampuni ambayo ukitaka kitu inabidi u shop online ,wengi hapa Tz wanajua shop online kwenye instagram tu au kikuu.

Julitha ::  I don’t I influence people only in Tanzania . I have diverse following . And I want to extend my brand in South Africa more …then internationally . As I have dream in near future to launch my own brand

So I believe I have to experience with working with other brands and its more business than just a post . As influencer it’s basically like modeling their things except you influence a certain audience yourself not a brand


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